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Onboarding is about hiring and integrating new employees into the company. How this happens is regulated by internal company processes and reflects the corporate culture.

Onboarding is primarily about welcoming new employees. This includes familiarizing them with the work processes, providing them with the appropriate resources for their work, supporting and guiding them. And all of this should start with the signing of the employment contract.

The onboarding process should begin before the first day of work: Information on how to be received when starting work, the structure of the future department or team and colleagues, contacts and contact information for internal company processes and administrative matters and information on the corporate culture can be sent to starters as soon as the contract has been signed. In addition, the relevant documents can be exchanged before the actual start of the employment relationship, such as the social security card, health insurance documents, income tax card and tax ID.

And a clearly structured induction plan should be in place by the time you start work at the latest. The workplace should also be set up and e-mail addresses created. The IT access required for work should also be available, as should business cards if necessary.

Introductions to colleagues, a tour of the workplace and premises, an introduction to the intranet and feedback meetings should also take place directly during the initial phase. The entire onboarding process, the intensive support, extends over the entire probationary period.

In this way, new employees feel picked up and taken along, they know what to expect.

This leads to trust and satisfaction.

How can software support onboarding?

Software can support the entire onboarding process. It can be used as a reminder or as a checklist that lists all the to-dos. In addition, it can also be used to store all forms and templates, such as welcome letters. This helps with internal work management.

The software can also be used to store all data relevant to the induction period for new employees: for example, rules, guidelines, information on time recording and vacation requests.

The advantages of a well thought-out onboarding process are:

  • Satisfaction of new employees
  • Quick and full participation of new employees in the team and at their workplace
  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Employee loyalty
  • Good employer branding

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