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Provider description

The perview Talent Management Suite is a modern and modular HR software that supports medium-sized and large companies in all areas of human resources management – from applicant management to personnel development and performance appraisal.

About the company

perview systems is an owner-managed Hamburg-based software company that supports organizations of various sizes in the digitalization and optimization of their HR processes with the perview Talent Management Suite.

With perview, users identify their top employees and their strengths and develop them further in a targeted manner. In this way, your own team can make the best possible strategic contribution to the success of the organization. perview helps human resources managers to digitize and automate processes so that they can make the best possible use of their HR capacities.

With perview, companies also give their employees access to documents and a transparent insight into a wide range of processes – from the processing of applications and HR workflows to the documentation of employee appraisals, target agreements and further training.

With perview, users have a choice. They can either host the Talent Management Suite on-premise on their own server or access it conveniently via the cloud in a certified German data center.

Fundamental data from the software manufacturer

  • Founded: 2003
  • Revenue 2020: We are a profitable company with annual revenue growth of over 50%. Further details on request
  • Employees: perview is growing in line with its customer base and provides services exclusively with its own team
  • Locations: Hamburg, Kiel, Lisbon, Zurich, Antwerp
  • Customers: perview can be used across all industries and is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies with 250 – 10,000 employees
  • Managing partner: Holger and Hendrik Antz

Software solution

Candidate Management

Perview Applicant Management is a powerful tool that enables companies to design job advertisements, publish them on various job portals and efficiently manage incoming applications and candidate data


Features applicant management:

  • Create personalized career pages
  • Publish job offers in different languages
  • Manage candidate information in one central location
  • Publish job ads via multiposting on various job boards & social media platforms


Perview’s applicant management also includes functions to efficiently assess candidates. The software helps users to speed up the recruitment process enormously in this way. This is because colleagues can be efficiently involved in the prioritization of applicants. In addition, perview’s applicant management offers users the opportunity to stay in contact with rejected but exciting and promising candidates via talent pools.


Figures are not neglected either: after all, measurement means knowledge and this gives users the opportunity to optimize areas in need of improvement. perview’s applicant management system includes an analysis dashboard, allowing various reports to be called up in seconds to help quickly evaluate all recruitment measures.
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HR Core

The perview HR Core is the basic module of the perview Talent Management Suite.

It offers users a high level of basic functionalities in the area of internal HR.

This includes the following areas:

  • Master data system
  • Job management
  • Employee Self Service ESS
  • Imports & Exports
  • Management cockpit / data warehouse


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Digital personnel file

Users can archive and find their documents in seconds and can always provide information in response to employee queries. With the digital personnel file from perview, all personnel processes can be digitized and automated.</p

Users manage all relevant employee documents in the file – from application documents, contracts and payslips to sick notes. All personnel documents are stored in a central location and can be accessed at any time. This speeds up the handling of various HR processes immensely. An individually configurable assignment of rights also ensures that only authorized persons have access to personnel documents.</p

Users can rely on this: All processes are legally compliant at all times. Thanks to strict automatic compliance with all retention periods, all legal data protection guidelines, archiving obligations and all prescribed deletion periods in accordance with GoBD or SOX. In addition, tasks and work steps are no longer forgotten thanks to automatic resubmission and task management. And: Precise search functions ensure that all details of all files are available with just a few keystrokes, even years later.

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Talent Management

The perview Talent Management Suite includes a variety of functions, a few of which are presented as examples in the following sections.

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Onboarding, crossboarding & offboarding

The perview Onboarding module supports HR departments in the integration of new employees and makes it easier for employees to join the company.

Features onboarding:

  • Provision of information for new employees (e.g. about upcoming product training, seminars, information about the new team or contact person)</li
  • Provision of the necessary documents for document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Appointment planning and coordination for initial employee meetings
  • Task management for all tasks that need to be coordinated in-house for a new employee


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Competence management

In addition to a job and performance-oriented performance assessment, perview’s competence management includes freely definable competence profiles


Competence management is supplemented by a freely definable qualification matrix, which naturally comes with certificate management, further training requirements and a suggestion system.

Features competence management:

  • Assessment system with target profiles
  • Determination of the group average
  • Skill management and high transparency with regard to company-wide application skills
  • Tracking of developments
  • Documentation of agreements and target achievement
  • Further training requirements
  • Certificate management
  • Self service


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Employee interviews

Personnel managers and executives have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into employee satisfaction, possible internal change or promotion requests or salary expectations during employee interviews

Features of employee appraisals:

  • Documentation and analysis of target achievement
  • Optimal planning, implementation and documentation of performance reviews
  • Documentation and provision of content and agreements from employee appraisals
  • Support for strategic HR development in the company
  • Targeted HR reports that provide the most important findings from employee appraisals


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Performance Management

The target agreements and performance evaluations modules from perview support users in assessing the performance of individual employees



  • Evaluation of job criteria (KPIs) and tasks
  • Performance assessment – optionally also as a classic matrix
  • Detailed design of performance-related measures and remuneration
  • Qualitative and quantitative goals of the company


Other Talent Management features at a glance:

    • Career management: perview supports the strategic organization and planning of measures and methods that contribute to the individual development of employees


  • Potential assessment: users can carry out digital potential assessments as part of employee appraisals or as a stand-alone measure.</li
  • Succession management: In order to compile a qualified list of employees who are suitable for succession positions in a larger company with little effort despite having various branches, a lot of information needs to be taken into account. The perview search system provides this information within seconds.</li
  • 360° feedback: With perview’s software, users can create and collect surveys or assessments in the form of online questionnaires, among other things.


Learning and seminar management & e-learning

perview also provides support in the area of learning management. HR managers can select, publish and monitor events in seminar management. The program automatically determines whether training measures are already fully booked and when alternative events can be booked.</p

Depending on the type of event, employees can also be assigned to an event by management or invited to attend. However, they can also register independently. A knowledge test can take place at the end of an event.</p


  • Blended learning & learning paths
  • Seminar management
  • Provider management
  • Lecturer management
  • Feedback forms
  • E-learning


˗ Scorm Player

˗ Multimedia Learning

˗ Virtual Classroom

˗ Tip system

˗ Test system

As part of training controlling, HR managers can obtain feedback from participants, trainers and managers. In order to be able to offer the right training for each employee, skills profiles can also be created that can be compared with the available training measures. perview automatically suggests the right measure.

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  • Preparatory payroll accounting: Yes


Applicant management:

  • Applicant evaluation: Yes
  • Applicant ranking: Yes
  • Application deadlines: Yes
  • Reminder function: Yes
  • Templates including letters etc.: Yes
  • CV parsing: Yes
  • Applicant access: Yes
  • One-click application: Yes
  • Career portal: Yes
  • Multiposting: Yes


Human resources management & development:

  • Onboarding: Yes
  • Offboarding: Yes
  • Digital personnel file: Yes
  • Document management software: Yes
  • Employee appraisal: Yes
  • Talent management: Yes
  • Education module: Yes
  • Training catalog: Yes
  • Assessment module: Yes
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Yes



  • Standard reports: Yes
  • Definable own KPI: Yes



  • SaaS: Yes
  • On-Premise: Yes
  • Server location: Germany
  • ISO-certified: Yes
  • Roles/rights concept: Yes


Pricing model:

  • Contract term: Yes
  • Payment mode: semi-annual
  • Price model per number of employees: Yes
  • Hotline: Yes
  • Email support Yes
  • Training materials and webinars: Yes

Technical information

  • Perview systems offers its software as cloud software with a certified data center from Germany.
  • The product perview is a modern browser-oriented software with a pleasant GUI, which is responsively designed and can be used on PCs, tablets and cell phones.
  • Perview is also very intuitive and clearly structured, so that the software can be learned in expert mode in half a day or a maximum of one day per module.


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