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Illustration von Personalrekrutierung mit Lupe.

Recruiting software: Current trends and developments

Despite economic challenges, companies still have an enormous need for skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers has become an important driving force behind digitalization in recruiting and is forcing companies to see personnel as a strategic resource to ensure sustainable competitiveness. The topic of recruiting software is becoming more

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tools zur internen unternehmenskommunikation

Tools for internal corporate communication

In this article, we will explore the vital importance of software for internal corporate communications, looking in particular at Steeple’s innovative solution. “A lack of communication” – have you ever heard that in a corporate environment? Be it projects, strategies or other tasks in which more than one person is

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Payroll-Systeme im Vergleich

Comparing, evaluating & selecting payroll systems

In order to develop a deeper understanding of the demanding requirements in the area of salary and payroll accounting, in this article we will provide you with comprehensive information on the criteria that should be used when selecting salary and payroll accounting programs. We emphasize that the topic of “payroll

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Bewerbung per Whatsapp

Job-Applications via WhatsApp

One-click applications and applications via messenger channels, such as an application via WhatsApp, are becoming increasingly popular in times of digitalization. It is becoming increasingly important for companies that application processes are quick, uncomplicated and, above all, effective. Especially for vacancies that do not require highly qualified training, a quick

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Arbeitszeiterfassung Pflicht

Working time recording – mandatory for companies

The form in which companies record the working hours of their employees is not statistically known. In our experience, however, the use of electronic time recording systems has increased in recent years. This is also consistent with the ruling of the Federal Labour Courtcourt (BAG) of 13. Since then, companies

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