Job-Applications via WhatsApp

One-click applications and applications via messenger channels, such as an application via WhatsApp, are becoming increasingly popular in times of digitalization. It is becoming increasingly important for companies that application processes are quick, uncomplicated and, above all, effective. Especially for vacancies that do not require highly qualified training, a quick and uncomplicated application process is essential. This also makes it easier to reach Generation Z, which relies heavily on mobility and social media. Almost 90% of Generations Y and Z use WhatsApp either to publish posts themselves or to consume content. Companies often want to create a means of contact here, as this fast medium offers employers enormous opportunities in the recruiting sector.

The application management universe

With its experience as a provider that has been dealing with the successful digital management of applicants for over 20 years, rexx systems has developed a comprehensive “ecosystem” to map the application process from start to finish. In order to offer another modern application option, rexx systems has now integrated the “Apply via WhatsApp” function into rexx applicant management.

Advantages of a WhatsApp application

How can WhatsApp be used effectively in HR? We will show you the advantages of using it in practice and give you an outlook on possible future features in the module.


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5-minute application via WhatsApp

A chatbot proves to be extremely useful here. Interested applicants can easily apply via WhatsApp by accessing the channel specified in the job advertisement. Instead of submitting their documents in a time-consuming process, the chatbot asks them a series of questions. There is currently a fixed set of questions in the rexx application: In the future, however, it will also be possible to edit the number of questions as well as the questions themselves.

Direct communication between applicants and HR

Communication via WhatsApp is particularly beneficial. Calls during working hours can be unpleasant and emails often go unanswered for days. This often makes it difficult to arrange appointments. WhatsApp, on the other hand, makes it easy for the HR department to reach candidates. Short queries can be dealt with quickly and unbureaucratically. Long waits are a thing of the past. Direct contact between HR and applicants offers both sides a high level of convenience. Communication with applicants via WhatsApp after submitting an application is expected to be available in the rexx WhatsApp module from September 2023.

Applications by video

In some professional fields, creativity and the presentation of new ideas are more important than the hard facts on a CV. A video application offers the ideal format for presenting such skills. Application videos can be easily recorded via WhatsApp and sent to the employer as part of the rexx WhatsApp application. rexx Recruitment is expected to provide special data fields for the optimal presentation of application videos from Q4 2023. You can also read about rexx support for video interviews here.

Applying via WhatsApp: What about data protection?

The use of WhatsApp in the recruiting sector raises questions about data protection, as a lot of personal data is transmitted.

However, if WhatsApp is not used directly, but via the WhatsApp Business API, as is the case with the rexx WhatsApp module, decisive data protection hurdles are overcome. For example, direct access to the company’s address book is no longer possible, as the WhatsApp messages are not delivered to a standard smartphone with an address book, but are received directly in our system via the WhatsApp Business API.

In addition, WhatsApp chats are now based on GDPR-compliant end-to-end encryption, which prevents the unauthorized collection of personal data between the two communication partners. This enables companies to use WhatsApp in compliance with data protection regulations. Basically, an application via WhatsApp is better protected than an email application sent by a candidate via a foreign email provider, for example.

It is only important that companies that enable the rexx WhatsApp application refer to the WhatsApp conditions in their privacy policy and require applicants to accept these conditions.

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