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Despite economic challenges, companies still have an enormous need for skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers has become an important driving force behind digitalization in recruiting and is forcing companies to see personnel as a strategic resource to ensure sustainable competitiveness. The topic of recruiting software is becoming more and more the focus of digitalization.

Employer branding and optimization of the candidate experience

The way companies are perceived by potential employees is more important than ever. Investing in employer branding and optimizing the candidate experience throughout the application process is crucial to attracting and later retaining talents. The pivotal point for communicating your own unique selling points is, among other things, on the company’s own career page. It is important for companies to bring their own careers page up to date with the latest technological standards with modern recruiting software in order to inspire applicants for the advertised position and to optimize the application process. The applicant management software should automate processes and meet legal requirements such as deletion deadlines.

Multiposting tool and social media recruiting

In order to increase the attractiveness for applicants and increase the pool of available talents, companies are increasingly offering the option of remote work. In order to reach these applicants – some of whom live far away – the recruiting software solution must have an interface to a multi-posting tool in addition to the ability to place advertisements on your own career site or in local media. This allows HR departments to publish their job offers in every relevant recruiting channel with just a few clicks. Target group-specific social media recruiting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn and Co. are crucial in order to attract sufficient staff for the organization. In addition to actively looking applicants, social media also addresses applicants who are latently willing to change and who are not actively looking for a job. The latter form by far the largest group of applicants.

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Data-driven HR reporting and HR analysis tool

In order for recruiting measures to be measured effectively, a data-driven HR reporting and HR analysis tool is essential in decision-making. By analyzing data, companies can gain better insights into the recruiting process, such as the effectiveness of different recruiting channels and trends in applicant behavior. In this way, strategic media plans for recruiting personnel can be created and the best recruiting channel can be selected depending on the position. Say: “If you can´t meassure it, you can´t manage it.”

Artificial intelligence – AI – in recruiting

AI technologies are increasingly being used to optimize the recruiting process. This includes automated CV screening (CV parsing) tools that filter candidates based on their skills and experience, as well as chatbots that conduct initial interviews, saving hiring managers’ time. However, artificial intelligence in recruiting is currently only a support for HR managers and is largely still in its infancy. AI-controlled social media recruiting campaigns or the matching of applicants still require HR professionals who monitor the AI ​​processes. Because: Artificial intelligence learns how HR processes should work based on data from people via machine learning. For example, if there are biases in human selection processes, these are often exacerbated by AI.

How do you find the right applicant management software?

Anyone who has ever looked into the HR software market for recruiting will quickly have noticed how confusing the market is. Companies usually have special requirements for a software solution – be it what the tool should be able to do or what interfaces to the existing programs are necessary. In addition, some software manufacturers have focused on small companies, others on medium-sized or large companies. The software manufacturer must therefore suit the customer and the customer must also suit the software manufacturer. But only if this matching is successful will internal processes be facilitated and improved.

What do you have to pay attention to when choosing applicant management software?

You have to consider in advance whether you are looking for an isolated solution. So whether you want to choose a provider that only specializes in recruiting. This is often quick and easy to install and inexpensive. Or whether you are looking for a full-service provider that offers a wide range of HR software modules, in which recruiting is one of the modules. The advantage here is that there are no interface problems and the applicant’s data can automatically be used in other modules, such as personnel development. In addition, you can easily unlock additional modules as needed over time.

The trend is clearly moving away from on-premise solutions towards cloud solutions and the application process being as simple as possible. Career portals that require registration or registration have almost completely disappeared from the market.

Insider tips for companies - modern recruiting software should have the following features:

  1. User-friendly interface and efficient job management: Easy to understand, intuitive interface so that other departments besides HR can work with it.
  2. Communication from the system: All communication should be stored in the applicant management system.
  3. Role and rights concept: Authorizations and other settings can be changed individually. This ensures that only people with the appropriate rights can see the applicant data.
  4. Integration: Seamless integration of the applicant management software into other solutions including payroll software or Outlook
  5. Workflows: Workflows can be changed easily and quickly.
  6. Automation of processes: Automated sending of templates, including confirmation of receipt, rejection, inclusion in the talent pool, compliance with deletion deadlines
  7. Search engine optimized career site: Search engines such as Google are often used by candidates as a starting point for their job search. Search engine optimization makes the job advertisement easier to find for potential new employees.
  8. Multilanguage: The software should support multiple languages including an AI tool for automatic translation.
  9. Corporate Identity: The software should control the appropriate ad template for the respective company departments, e.g. brands.
  10. Support: Pay attention to service features and service times
  11. Data protection and certifications: Compliance with GDPR as well as certification of the data center and headquarters in Germany, UK or at least in the EU.

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