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Project time tracking plays a central role for all those who work on projects – whether as a freelancer, in an agency or within a company. The use of professional systems not only provides a detailed overview of working hours, costs and income, but also significantly increases productivity and ensures customer satisfaction. However, questions arise at the beginning: How can project timesheets be recorded efficiently and accurately? What added value does a professional system for project time recording offer? And what solutions are available? In this article, we offer you a comprehensive insight into professional project time tracking. Find out how you can manage your projects more effectively with Clockodo, the specialist for time-based project monitoring. 

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What is professional project time recording?

Professional project time recording refers to the systematic recording and evaluation of working hours incurred for a specific project or order. Not only the total hours, but also the individual activities, employees and project costs are taken into account. This makes it possible to accurately monitor the progress and status of a project. Ultimately, this data is used for profitability and makes accurate invoicing possible.

Why is project time tracking so important?

Project time tracking offers numerous advantages, both for internal organization and for external presentations. Here are some of the most important reasons why project times should be recorded professionally: 

  • Working time can be used optimally and productivity increased by showing exactly where and how much time is spent;
  • The utilization of employees can therefore be checked very easily.
  • Project costs and revenues can be accurately calculated by comparing the actual hours with the planned or agreed hours. 
  • This significantly minimizes discrepancies between the quotation and invoice.
  • The customer relationship can be improved as transparent and traceable invoices can be created.

Increased efficiency through accurate time recording

The precise recording of project times is a fundamental factor in increasing efficiency within a company. Time correlates directly with monetary values. In this context, accurate project time tracking enables companies to better track the consumption of time resources. This increased efficiency allows them to react more quickly to changes, implement adjustments effectively and accelerate the execution of projects. Ultimately, this results in the ability to complete more projects within the same time frame, which translates directly into an increase in revenue.

Creating transparency through professional project time recording

The use of project time recording increases transparency internally and externally in communication with customers in various ways: 


  • It enables all team members to view the progress and time spent on projects.
  • Awareness of the importance of efficient use of time and the responsibility of each individual is raised. 
  • The transparent presentation of working hours and project progress promotes cooperation;
  • It supports the early identification and resolution of bottlenecks.


  • It provides customers with an insight into the workload and utilization of their investments.
  • Customer confidence is strengthened by a comprehensible presentation of service provision.
  • Project time recording facilitates the justification of invoicing through transparent communication.
  • A long-term customer relationship is promoted and misunderstandings regarding the amount of work involved are minimized.

Options for professional project time recording

Software such as Clockodo is ideal for recording project times professionally. It makes work easier and always provides reliable data. The following functions should be integrated:  

  • Simple and intuitive operation that enables employers and their employees to record working times quickly and easily, whether on a PC, smartphone or via a browser plug-in.
  • Flexible and individual customization that allows the software to be adapted to individual company needs, e.g. by defining projects, customers, activities, hourly rates or reports.
  • A comprehensive and meaningful evaluation that makes the software an indispensable controlling and reporting tool.
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Introduction of professional project time recording in the company

In order to successfully implement the new project time recording system in the company, a few steps are necessary that entrepreneurs should plan in advance. It is important to note that competent providers should always offer an introduction and assistance;

  1. Define clear objectives and guidelines: Define what is to be recorded. For example, what types of tasks and projects are involved?
  2. Create guidelines and create awareness in the team: Develop clear rules for using the software so that all team members know how and when times should be recorded. Training can reduce inhibitions and fears. 
  3. Promote a culture of transparency: Encourage employees to track time regularly and accurately by clearly communicating the value and benefits.
  4. Automate where possible: Use the options for automation within the time recording software to minimize the recording effort.
  5. Ensure easy accessibility: Integrate time recording seamlessly into the employee’s working environment to make it easier to access and use.
  6. Monitor compliance with guidelines: Regular reviews help to ensure compliance with time recording guidelines and make adjustments if necessary.
  7. Collect feedback: Use feedback from employees to continuously improve and adapt time recording processes.
  8. Regular evaluations: Analyze the collected data regularly to gain insights into productivity, project progress and possible efficiency improvements.
  9. Informed decision-making: Use the insights from time tracking to make informed decisions about project planning, resource allocation and process optimization.

Conclusion on project time recording

Project time recording is a must for all companies that are active in the project business. With its help, working hours, costs and revenues can be kept under control, productivity is increased and customer satisfaction is enhanced. In order to record project times professionally, it is worth purchasing suitable software.


This section answers some frequently asked questions about project time tracking.

  1. Why do you need project time tracking?

Project time tracking is a method of documenting how much time an employee or team spends on a specific project or task. This helps to monitor and improve resource consumption, costs, quality and efficiency of projects.

  1. Who is project time tracking suitable for?

Project time tracking is suitable for anyone who works on projects and needs to present measurable goals and results. These can be both internal and external projects carried out for customers, partners or other departments. It can be used for individuals or teams working in different industries or functions, such as IT, marketing, research, development or consulting.

  1. What is the difference between project time recording and working time recording?

Project time recording is the recording of time spent on specific projects or tasks, independent of regular working hours.

  1. What are the benefits of project time tracking for employees?

It can help employees to better organize their work, set priorities and focus on the most important tasks. They can also document their work progress, receive feedback and improve their performance. All this leads to higher work motivation.

  1. How can you increase the acceptance of project time tracking?

Project time tracking can cause resistance or skepticism among some employees if it is perceived as control or monitoring. To avoid this, it is important to clearly communicate the goals and benefits of project time tracking and involve employees in the process.

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