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We offer you a comprehensive overview and structured comparison of HR software solutions on the market. Our questionnaire takes into account both your current and future requirements in order to find the perfect solution for your company. This provides your project team with a qualified overview of software solutions that are a perfect fit for your requirements. Furthermore, by using HRNeeds you save costs and around 4-6 weeks in the search for a new software solution. We also simulate alternative solutions for you. In this way, we shed light on the confusing HR software provider market for you so that you can find the right software solution quickly, easily and free of charge!

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HRNeedsHR software comparison helps you find the ideal software: HRNeeds uses a special analysis tool to compare the company-specific requirements with the software solutions and thus reliably finds the right software.

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We are happy to advise you, free of charge and without obligation! Our expertise will effectively save you time in your search for the right tools for your HR processes. Our competent HR consultants are in constant contact with HR software manufacturers and are therefore always informed about current trends and innovations.

Frequently asked questions

There is no clear answer to this question. Or, as Matthias Frisch from HR4YOU says: “Both options have their raison d’être.” The pros and cons depend heavily on the reality of the company. However, Frisch sees a clear trend towards integrated solutions, as significantly greater economies of scale can be achieved with complete systems.

Daniel Strizeski from softgarden uses two examples to describe how different company realities and their effects on the selection of an applicant management solution can be. For example, an all-in-one solution is just right for a five-person company that processes vacation requests and maintains HR master data and hires one or two new employees per year. “The situation is different for a medium-sized company that hires ten employees every month and has ten, 15 or even more jobs permanently advertised. They won’t be able to achieve the desired results with an all-in-one solution because such solutions focus on the big picture. But if I need expertise, then I call in a specialist.” For Strizeski, the choice in such a case would clearly fall on a stand-alone solution.

Kathrin Kirchler from Personio, on the other hand, is always in favor of a complete solution: “The advantage is that everything comes from a single source and there are no interruptions in the process. For example, when the recruiting process is complete and an applicant is hired, the data is already in the system and doesn’t have to be transferred manually.”

Alexander Baumann from Jobcluster, on the other hand, sees integrative solutions as a key feature of digitalization. According to him, it is about bringing together different solutions in such a way that a well-functioning overall process is created. He also says: “This model also leads to cost benefits for customers who may only book solutions on demand. It makes total sense to look at exactly what is needed.”

Here, all the answers from the software experts are the same, there is unanimity: choose a cloud solution.

The question remains: Why?

Daniel Strizeski (softgarden) explains the recommendation as follows: “With a cloud solution, you don’t have to provide a server and hardware infrastructure, the technology doesn’t have to be maintained and you remain flexible: if a system no longer fits at some point, it can easily be replaced.” Kathrin Kirchler (Personio) adds: “The advantages of a cloud solution are already evident during implementation. It is comparatively quick, simple and cost-effective. In addition, the software can be maintained at any time and software updates can be installed without the customer having to do anything and without incurring any extra costs. And another advantage is the flexibility: if the customer’s needs and requirements change, for example if the workforce grows, these can be implemented in the software in the shortest possible time.”

“All those who will be integrated into the recruiting process. This can be defined on a job-specific, company-specific or department-specific basis,” explains Daniel Strizeski (softgarden). Only then will the advantages of an applicant management system become noticeable, because all communication with the candidate and internally will run through the system. HR4YOU board member Matthias Frisch takes a similar view: “Everyone involved in the process should have access to the system. This includes specialist departments as requisitioners, HR and, of course, committees such as the works council.”

Kathrin Kirchler (Personio) notes: “Only those who really need it should have access. With clearly defined access rights, there are no salary leaks or other nasty surprises.” This is also guaranteed by the setting that employees can only view exactly the personnel information they need to work productively – without HR having to take action.

There is unanimity on this question. Matthias Frisch from HR4YOU answers: “Very individual. They can either be set and changed by the user themselves or with the support of the provider, as not everyone wants to tinker with the processes themselves.” Daniel Strizeski from softgarden also says that the workflows in a good solution should be freely definable, as every company has different application processes. Changes to the processes can be made by the administrator, i.e. usually the main HR manager. And Kathrin Kirchler (Personio) explains: “In order to guarantee uncomplicated and smooth collaboration for everyone, we offer a workflow configurator in our solutions. This can also be used to create your own workflows.”

Data protection is a fundamental issue and should be given the appropriate attention in every company. And it provides a further argument for operating recruiting software in the cloud, as the service provider assumes responsibility here. Personios, for example, states that data protection is a central component of its products and services. HR4YOU also states that GDPR compliance is essential. “The system should also support companies with deadline monitoring and the deletion and anonymization of applicants,” recommends Matthias Frisch.

Daniel Strizeski (softgarden) goes into even more detail: “It’s also important to know here: Where are the servers located? Is there an ISO certification or DIN standards? DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 is the classic data protection DIN standard. This should be available in any case. In applicant management, a data processing contract is concluded between service providers, but our customers conclude a data processing contract with the candidates. This means that the company is liable to the candidate and the service provider is liable to the company. It must therefore be ensured that everything is secure.”

This is how HRNeeds proceeds:

The customer-specific requirements are compared with the software solutions of the software manufacturers and a list of providers is drawn up. In a telephone consultation between the HR experts from HRNeeds and the customer, it is ensured that the customer’s requirements and wishes are discussed and any outstanding issues are clarified. The customer then receives a list of the identified software solutions with a detailed summary of the recommended software solutions – including all the information that will help the customer make a decision.

These are the experiences our customers have had with us

Koehler Holding SE & Co. KG
Koehler Holding SE & Co. KGPaper industry, 2000 Employees
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„Thanks to HRNeeds, we were able to get into direct contact with several software providers quickly and easily.“

Alexej Dmitrenko
HR Manager
Mazurczak GmbH
Mazurczak GmbHElectroplating, 60 Employees
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„Mr. Nielsen from HRNeeds did a lot of the research for me when selecting a full-service payroll provider. This enabled us to make a targeted final selection of providers.“

Jürgen Grimm
Commercial Manager
Wohn-Center Spilger GmbHr
Wohn-Center Spilger GmbHrFurniture company; 230 Employees
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„We received competent and very friendly advice. Mr. Nielsen answered all our questions with patience and provided us with a list of suitable HR software solutions. We would recommend HRNeeds at any time without reservation."

Jessica Lopes Rodrigues
HR Manager
Joma-Polytec GmbH
Joma-Polytec GmbHPlastics industry, 480 Employees
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„First of all - I can fully recommend HRNeeds. We quickly and clearly received a list of software solutions that matched our requirements, and during the consultation we were given practical tips that helped us a lot."

Kurt Straubinger
GL Finances

We offer HR software solutions for the following areas

A payroll software offers many functions and tools that make payroll accounting easier and more efficient. These include the automated calculation of wages and salaries, the management of working hours and vacation days and the creation of monthly or annual payslips.
A suitable time recording system maps all working time models relevant to your company and is flexible and customizable. Regardless of whether your working time model is home office or teleworking, flexitime or shift work, part-time or lifetime working time or annual working time – modern time recording software can map all variants. Or several at the same time.

A suitable software can support the HR department, managers and employees in carrying out and conducting employee appraisals and simplify the entire process.

The interview templates and questionnaires created by the HR department are included in a suitable software solution – all templates exist in digital form and have been incorporated into the software. This means that they can also be accessed by the specialist departments at any time – adapted to the various departmental tasks and role models. One example: different questionnaires are required for employees in the IT department than for the sales department.

As part of personnel management and digital personnel file, the documentation and minutes from the appraisal interviews are also available directly in the personnel file of the corresponding employee and are therefore directly available to those with the appropriate access rights.

All the different forms of further training as well as the various learning materials, a single course or entire programs can be made available to your employees via a learning platform, a Learning Management System (LMS). At the same time, such an LMS is used for communication between learners and teachers, trainers and tutors. This reduces administrative work and simplifies access to events or courses. It also corresponds to the idea of educational leadership: after all, the further training of employees is a management task. Implement digital education management and organize your employees’ learning! An LMS should therefore be part of strategic HR management and quality assurance.

A digital personnel information system, i.e. software that provides all the data required for decisions and future steps at the touch of a button, is a helpful tool. Firstly, because the digitally recorded data is much more up-to-date than the conventionally “maintained” Excel files. Double or triple “bookkeeping” is also no longer necessary. The software updates the entire database directly when new entries are made.

In the digital personnel file, for example, not only can all documents relating to employees be stored digitally with all associated information, but forms and correspondence documents can also be stored there – also with automated functions.

Using applicant management software can help to optimize your recruitment processes and improve the application process. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

1. Centralization of applicant data: Applicant management software allows you to collect and store all applicant data in one place. This makes it easier to access data and manage applications.

2. Automation of processes: Applicant management software can automate many tasks, such as reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and communicating with applicants. This saves time and minimizes human error.

3. Improve communication: Applicant management software can improve communication with applicants. You can send automated emails to inform applicants about the status of their application or notify them of upcoming interviews.

4. Better tracking and reporting: Applicant management software allows you to track and report on applications, interviews and other processes. This gives you insight into your recruitment processes and allows you to identify areas for improvement. You can also collect and analyze data on the success of your recruitment campaigns.

5. Reduction of costs and time: You can save time and costs by automating and centralizing processes. You can also increase efficiency and thus reduce costs by analyzing your recruitment processes in a targeted manner.

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